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Many people confuse Hypnotherapy with Stage Hypnosis. I can assure you it is NOT in any way even similar! You will not fall asleep, neither are you under the Hypnotherapist's 'power'. You are in complete control. It is a wonderful technique which by influencing the subconscious mind has a beneficial effect on our feelings/emotions and helps also get rid of harmful habits. e.g. smoking, over-eating, etc.

Most important for you is to realise: HYPNOTHERAPY IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE PERSON WHO GIVES IT! i.e. the Hypnotherapist! Simple people make a great mistake by treating it like buying a packet of tea i.e. to find out who is the cheapest. Wise people are very particular to ensure they go to the best Therapist. How can you decide who is the best? A good Hypnotherapist must use practical Psychology to understand the problem and treat the causes.Too many therapists use Hypnosis but have little real understanding of the client. A good Therapist treats not just the problem but the person e.g.Mr A may need an authoritative firm approach whereas Mr B (perhaps nervous) may need a more gentle attitude etc.

How can you decide who is best for you? Do not make the mistake of being impressed by grand sounding titles or letters after names, in our work these are unreliable. Any reputable therapist will meet you for an initial discussion free of charge and without obligation. You can only decide if the Therapist is likely to be really successful helping you by ensuring he is asking ample deep questions and most important how you feel being with him. He needs to be kind but also have the personality that inspires you!
Only after meeting the therapist consider booking therapy, if you feel empathy with him.
Peter J Millin has been a full time Professional Hypnotherapist/Psychologist for forty years. In addition to having helped over 12,000 people with various problems he also has trained hundreds of people to become Hypnotherapists including Doctors/Psychiatrists/Nurses etc.

Peter J Millin is the Principal of the Academy of Hypnotherapists and the Professional Hypnotherapist Centre. He has worked and lectured in Hospitals and the QE2, and for many years practised in Harley Street W1, now working in East Barnet/Cockfosters North London/Hertfordshire.

To make a free interview appointment:
Telephone 020 8441 9685 before 7.00 p.m.

Just some of the problems he helps overcome: Anxiety, Stress, Lack of Confidence, Blushing, Phobias, Overweight, Sex Problems, Smoking, Depression, some pychosomatic skin problems, Exam fears, Insomnia.

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